Survios To Show Early Build Of 'Raw Data' Vive VR FPS Title At VRLA, Gameplay To Be Livestreamed

Survios, a virtual reality game studio, announced that it will debut Raw Data, an active VR first person shooter designed for HTC’s Vive virtual reality system, at the VRLA Winter Expo taking place on January 23.

We don’t know much about the game yet. Survios has been fairly vague in describing what Raw Data is all about. We know that it will be a two-player cooperative game. Both players will work together to fend off waves of “killer androids attacking from all angles,” and there will be “an arsenal of interactive weapons and deployable defenses” to help you with that task. Survios hasn’t released a list of weapons, but a co-founder of the company gave us a little bit of a hint.

“We’re making VR video games that let you play how you always wanted to play: by actually being part of the action. Swinging a sword, deflecting bullets, holstering a gun, drawing a bow--to us, these little yet super fun motions are the essence of Active VR,” remarked James Iliff, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Survios. “At VRLA this weekend, we’re stoked to finally showcase many of the reasons why Active VR is so exciting: full in-game embodiment, multiplayer sessions and the self-expression and spectatorship that come with livestreaming in virtual reality.”

In addition to showing off a playable pre-alpha version of Raw Data at the VRLA expo, Survios, with support from AMD, HTC and Alienware, is hosting an after party, which will have a full bar, live DJ and free admission.

During the party, Survios will be showing the game to attendees, and it will be livestreaming the gameplay from both the player’s view and from spectator views. There will also be live commentary of the action. The stream is scheduled to start at 8:15pm PT on Saturday, January 23. The broadcast can be found on the company’s Twitch channel.

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