The Winners of the Q2 2012 System Builders Marathon

Congratulations to the winners of our latest System Builders Marathon for June 2012.

Winner of The $2000 Performance PC is Jason Rahman from Hazelton, IN.

Taking home The $1000 Enthusiast PC is Laura Royal from Mebane, NC.

And the new owner of The $500 Gaming PC is Gene Murray from Cabot, AR.

Thanks to everyone who participated, and we'll see you all again in a few months for the next SBM!

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  • Anonymous
    These names are so fake. I've been cheated of a free system! GR.
  • Onus
    Yeah, it looks like they misspelled my name, and even got my city wrong. Hopefully it will get fixed quickly.

    (but hey, congratulations to the winners!)
  • Crush3d

    Congrats to the winners though!