T-Mobile Offering Free Data for New iPad Mini and iPad Air

There has been plenty of Apple excitement and buzz yesterday after the company revealed the new Retina iPad Mini and iPad Air. Those pondering the purchase of a Cellular + WiFi version of the new iPads with T-Mobile as their service provider have just a little more to be excited about.  

T-Mobile is offering users who buy the new iPads the deal of free 200 MB monthly data. For reference, AT&T is offering 250 MB monthly data for $14.99. Verizon and Sprint are offering 1 GB of monthly data for $14.99 and don't have equivalent tiers. 

For those only looking to check their emails and use iMessage every once in a while, 200 MB is a decent deal, especially since it's free, though whether it justifies dropping an extra cash for the cellular model over the WiFi-only model is up to the user.

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  • jl0329
    Not a bad deal. But since I usually use my iPad for video streaming or some other data heavy activities, 200MB is not going to be enough.

    Question: if i get the iPad from T-mobile, will I be able to use it with Verizon's data plan later on? Or am I stuck with T-mobile?
  • bustapr
    not bad, but not really awesome either. its nice that you get the option of free 200mb data, but i dont think its a good enough deal to get me to buy the cellular model. anyone willing to spend all that extra cash on a cellular ipad is likely a heavy data user that is looking for a good data plan to go with the tablet. at least for me it isnt enough and I dont use my data often. if you get it with tmobile, youre stuck with them unless you unlock it.

    I never realized just how horrendous AT&Ts pricing was...
  • ioconnor
    Really should be 200GBs not MBs. Hopefully this article will illuminate just how silly this industry is. However these are Apple zealots so hopefully they get ripped off.