The Tom’s Hardware Show Today: Hacker Details DIY Magnetic Levitation Switches

(Image credit: Riskable)

Whether you’re looking for the best gaming keyboard or love to build custom mechanical keyboards, you probably know about mechanical switches. And with new switch types and brands coming out regularly, it’s increasingly easy to find something to call your favorite. But for one 3D printing enthusiast, buying switches from a company doesn’t cut it. That’s why Riskable made their own magnetic levitation keyboard switches

Riskable’s Void switches were made with 3D printing and a whole lot of skill. Today at 3 p.m. ET Riskable will join The Tom’s Hardware Show livestream to explain how and why they made the switches and what they use them for today. 

Riskable also runs a YouTube channel, where they show off a pile of brilliant hacks. 

You can watch The Tom’s Hardware Show live today via the video below. If you watch the show live on YouTube or Facebook, you can also submit your questions live on air via chat. 

This week, we’ll also do a demo of the Roccat Torch RGB gaming microphone and see if the viewers like what they hear (and see).

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You can find every episode so far on our YouTube playlist. Some of our favorites include talking H35 with Intel, celebrating Thunderbolt with Intel and chatting with the makers of DisplayPort and CEO of Glorious.  

Scharon Harding

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