Thermaltake Cycledesk 100 Targets Cycling eSports Market

Thermaltake Cycledesk 100
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Thermaltake has launched the Cycledesk 100. The name provides a good indication of the latest niche market Thermaltake has in its sights — cycling eSports. However, Thermaltake quickly (and wisely) adds that the appeal of the Cycledesk 100 isn't limited to cycling eSports, it is also "made for gaming" and "made for work." 

Other highlights of the design are the flexible motorized height adjustments (sitting to standing), plus the smart control box with app that offers remote control of desk functions such as height adjustment and RGB lighting configuration.

If you are not into eSports cycling (yet), it is best to consider the appeal of the Thermaltake Cycledesk 100 as a compact motorized height adjustable desk with a few frills. We expected this desk to be 100cm wide from the name, but the surface area is pretty small at just 31.5 by 19.7 inches (80 x 50cm). Buyers therefore won't have a lot of room to spread out with a full-sized keyboard and mouse combo alongside other desk essentials. Also, with the limited depth, it would be wise to use an edge-clamped desktop monitor arm — as is featured in most of the promotional images.

(Image credit: Thermaltake)

The desk's height adjustment spans from 28.3 - 46 inches (72 - 117cm), which should fit in with most user sitting and standing requirements. An on-desk 6-button touch controller with numerical display facilitates ad-hoc adjustments and quick recall of four preset heights. When you adjust heights, the motor will stop if it feels it is being obstructed, which is an important safety feature.

Other advanced 'smart desk' features provided by the Thermaltake Cycledesk 100 include control of both the height and the desk's RGB lighting using a mobile (Android or iOS) app or a PC app. The desk's RGB lights can be adjusted to operate with four effects, five brightness levels, and five lighting effect speeds.

Moving away from the tech considerations, and looking closer at more traditional desk-like specs, the Thermaltake Cycledesk 100 features a full-size laptop stand, a cable management system, a full desk surface covering of high-density waterproof cloth (over MDF), plus four rotating and lockable casters. The desk frame is steel and the desk has a maximum load of 132lbs (60kg).

(Image credit: Thermaltake)

Full specs are available via the official product page. We don't have pricing and availability information for this new model at the time of writing, but Thermaltake's existing line of motorized desks are generally priced at $1,000 or more in the US. No eSports cycling gear is included with the desk.

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  • -Fran-
    You can already do this with regular standing desks and seat if you want as well...

  • husker
    So it's called the "Cycledesk" because of one extremely niche potential use case? It has no more to do with cycling than any random item you use while on an exercise bike.