CES 2006: Thermaltake waters down GPU heat with liquid cooler

Las Vegas (NV) - Cooler and case specialist Thermaltake revealed a totally new concept of a liquid cooling device at CES 2006. The Tide Water All-In-One Liquid Cooling Module is compact enough to be installed the same way as a regular expansion card. Hence it comes with two PCI connector dummies that help to fix it in place. However, this concept also requires two 32-bit slots available right next to one another.

Should your system meet the space and slot requirements (3/4-length add-in card, dual slot layout), you are ready to mount the copper waterblock onto virtually any current GPU. According to Thermaltake, the pre-filled liquid cycle is able to deal with as much as 105 W of GPU heat dissipation, which means that dual-purpose versions of this product could cool both one CPU and one GPU using one coolant circuit.

The pump is pretty tiny, and the radial fan can be adjusted to two preset modes (slow/fast) that should both be less noisy than a graphics card's default cooling solution. It would have been nice to see a temperature- controlled auto-mode, though.

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