Thrustmaster Releases T300RS GT Edition Racing Wheel Ahead Of ‘Gran Turismo Sport’ Launch

Thrustmaster put together an upgraded T300RS racing wheel package in preparation for the debut of Polyphony Digital’s beloved Gran Turismo series on the PlayStation 4. The T300RS GT Edition features reinforced components and a third pedal.

The T300RS is a high-end racing wheel and pedal set compatible with the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 consoles. There are other options for PlayStation gamers, such as Logitech’s G29 and Thrustmaster’s T150 Force Feedback wheel, but none offers the advanced features of the T300RS, such as the interchangeable wheels, and compatibility with accessories such as shifters and hand brakes.

The T300RS GT Edition builds on the T300RS package and reinforces it for aggressive driving. The T300RS GT Edition is manufactured with a metal base, whereas the original T300RS base is made of plastic. The wheelbase features the Thrustmaster Quick Release system that allows you to swap the wheel for other designs. The quick release system on the T300RS is compatible with all of Thrustmaster’s other wheels, including the licensed Ferrari 599XX EVO 30, Ferrari F1, and Ferrari GTE racing wheels.

The bundled wheel is designed for the PlayStation consoles, and it includes licensed branding and official PlayStation 4 PS, Share, and Options buttons on the face.

The T300RS features a dual-belt drive brushless motor that Thrustmaster said keeps the rotation silent and flexible. The wheelbase offers “incredible precision” thanks to Thrustmaster’s H.E.A.R.T (HallEffect AccuRate Technology). The H.E.A.R.T system incorporates friction-free magnetic sensors, which provide 16-bit precision. Thrustmaster also included 5-inch tall paddle shifters that feature switches good for 500,000 activations.

The T300RS GT edition offers plenty of customization options. You can alter the rotation angle so you can dial in the range that you prefer. The wheelbase is capable of up to 1080-degrees of rotation, but you can limit it to as little as 270-degrees if it suits your needs. Thrustmaster also lets you customize the action and direction buttons on the wheel. You can assign multiple functions to all 13 input buttons.

In addition to the upgrades on the T300RS wheelbase, the T300RS GT Edition features an upgraded pedal set. The original T300RS wheel package includes a barebones set of plastic brake and throttle pedals. Thrustmaster stepped up its game for the T300RS GT Edition by including a much better pedal set in the package.

The T300RS GT pedal set features metal construction to help keep the pedals in place even if you have a lead foot. Thrustmaster lets you customize the pedals to your liking. The throttle and clutch pedals include adjustments for height and spacing. The brake pedal isn’t adjustable, but it features progressive resistance to simulate hydraulic pressure from a brake system.

The Thrustmaster T300RS GT Edition wheel and pedal set is available now for $399.99. The set currently represents the best wheel that Thrustmaster offers, but if you take racing seriously, you might want to consider holding back for now. Gran Turismo Sport isn’t due until sometime in 2017 and Thrustmaster said that it has “a new very high-end racing wheel positioned above the T500RS” (T500RS is currently only available for PC) coming with the launch of the game that is “designed for competitive eSports.”

 Kevin Carbotte is a contributing writer for Tom's Hardware who primarily covers VR and AR hardware. He has been writing for us for more than four years. 

  • Mateo_fl
    "T500RS is currently only available for PC"

    I just played Assetto Corsa on PS4 with my T500RS.
  • kcarbotte
    18932036 said:
    "T500RS is currently only available for PC"

    I just played Assetto Corsa on PS4 with my T500RS.

    Interesting. That's news to me and when I filtered Thrustmaster's website for PS4 the T500RS didn't show up.
  • SiggeLund
    I had a steering wheel for my PS3. Loved it. If it had worked with PS4, I would actually had considered this very expensive Thrustmaster toy. But when I take into consideration that it will probably be locked away by som arbitrary Fritez-chip in a couple of years, I would never invest this much money in it.