Frontier Defense Returns In 'Titanfall 2' With New Free DLC (Updated)

Update, 7/25/2017, 11:04am PT: The update is now live and you can check out the new patch notes in the Titanfall 2forums.

Original story, 7/18/2017, 11:45am PT:

A fan favorite mode is coming back to Titanfall 2 on July 25. A free piece of downloadable content (DLC) called “Operation Frontier Shield” will bring back the multi-wave battle that is Frontier Defense, and a few changes are coming along for the ride to make the mode even more intense.

Depending on your experience with Frontier Defense, you can try it out at four different difficulty levels: Easy, Regular, Hard, or Master. If you think the Master difficulty is still too easy, you can try your hand at the Insane level. Just like the original Frontier Defense mode in Titanfall, you can play the mode with up to three additional players as you try to survive five waves of increasingly difficult enemies. However, each enemy you kill grants you cash that you can use to purchase additional tools between waves. These items include batteries, arc traps, and even sentries. (In the first game, a turret was also provided free of charge for all players to place on the map.)

When you complete a Frontier Defense, you’ll earn Aegis Marks, which can help you unlock better upgrades for your Titan. Respawn Entertainment said that these marks will be available only for Frontier Defense for now, which means that the progression system could make its way to the game’s other competitive modes in the future. At launch, Frontier Defense will work on five maps, including the remastered Rise map from the first Titanfall title. You can take a look at the supported maps below, and Respawn will add more maps to the mode in the future.

Frontier Defense MapsHomesteadForwardbase KodaiWar GamesRiseBlackwater Canal

The free DLC also includes the introduction of additional Elite Warpaints that you can buy for your favorite weapon or Titan. These warpaints aren’t just for show--they also offer experience point boosts. There's a limited edition variant of Elite Warpaints for your Titan for Frontier Defense, and you’ll have to purchase them before they leave the online shop for good on August 28. For those playing the game’s Live Fire mode, a new map called Township will be available when the DLC launches next week.

If you’re still not convinced on Titanfall 2, you can try out the new Frontier Defense mode as well as the other online game modes for free during the free trial event, which goes from July 28 - 30. In addition to online gameplay, you can try out the single-player tutorial area and “The Beacon” mission.

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  • dstarr3
    I just noticed that Origin is still selling Titanfall 2 for $20 right now. Totally worth it.
  • ubercake
    This is the best shooter I've ever played on a console. On PC, it is even better. It is a blast. If you like shooters like BF series, it takes a minute to get used to. After that, it's just plain addictive.