Upcoming 'Titanfall 2' Update Adds New Game Mode, Maps, Custom Playlist (Updated)

Update, 2/2/2017, 11 a.m. PST: A gameplay trailer for the new Live Fire mode was just released, which shows the fast-paced action you can expect from the six-versus-six, Pilots-only mode. Live Fire is expected to come out sometime this month.

If you need more Titanfall 2 content, don’t worry. The developers at Respawn Entertainment just announced that a new game mode, maps, and some potential changes are on the multiplayer mode’s playlist.

The new competitive game mode is called Live Fire, and it’s for Pilots only, so you can’t summon your Titans in the field. The five-round mode pits two teams of six players against each other. To win, your team must wipe out the opposing group (no respawns are allowed) or hold onto the single flag dropped on the map until the timer runs out. In short, it’s a mix of the Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag modes.

In conjunction with the new mode, Respawn also created two maps exclusive to Live Fire called Stacks and Meadow. These maps are small, which allows for the fast-paced gameplay associated with Titanfall 2.

Another addition that the developers wanted to highlight is a new version of the playlist interface. Currently, the many modes for online gameplay are split between two separate screens. In this update, it seems that all available modes will be displayed on one screen to make for an easier browsing experience. In addition, it seems that you’ll also have the ability to customize your playlist so that you play only your favorite game modes.

Other features in the coming update include a new map called Columns for the Coliseum game mode, a new Pilot execution animation, and new introduction cutscenes for the game’s multiple factions in multiplayer.

In terms of when this is all coming, Respawn didn’t provide a specific date, but it did say we’ll get more information. In addition to more news on the update, the studio will also provide a roadmap of upcoming content that includes new weapons, game modes, and maps.

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DeveloperRespawn Entertainment
Release DateOctober 28, 2016
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  • beoir
    Honestly, the participation in Titanfall has fallen off much like the first version. For some reason people lose interest quickly. I suspect the gamers take issue with a couple of things:
    1) Not enough players. 6 vs 6 when battlefield can give you 64 players? I've noticed things can more easily be unbalanced with a smaller group of players.
    2) Speed and control is gear for game console controllers. This is probably a deterrent for PC gamers as fluidity of movement is different with mouse and keyboard and seems to be biased toward game console controllers.

    I think these two aspects are killing the game, and they've not learned that lesson yet.
  • Leaps-from-Shadows
    1) Every multiplayer game I've ever enjoyed playing has had small teams. I've never gotten into PlanetSide or Battlefield or any other large-scale multiplayer game. There are more people like me than you know, and games don't have to be large-scale to be successful.

    2) Then why do controllers need aim-assist to be as good as mouse and keyboard? You underestimate the accuracy and exacting movement control of M&K. I have no problem at all with it, despite only being an average FPS player.

    The only aspect that's even close to killing the game is the release timing. They should have waited so they weren't sandwiched between competing releases. That, and they haven't had much advertising for the game.

    I never played the original Titanfall due to not really having the time for gaming at that point. But I've got 447 hours clocked in Titanfall 2, and it's an awesome game. Some people seem to think it was supposed to be an expansion of the first game and so are disappointed in the changes. But if taken as its own game, it's definitely a step in the right direction.
  • maddogcollins
    The fact that we are still getting free content, maps is great. Not sure why there's less players, absolutely love the game. Wish there was more diversity in the maps, feels very similar between many maps. Does seem I can find more players still on Titanfall 1 than 2. (nice to have a choice of servers, always find more players on line in europe and the lag isn't terrible, doesn't seem to have a way to do that with 2) Wish it was played more as I hope the franchise continues.
  • captainnemojr
    I enjoyed the Frontier Defense game mode in the first one and was surprised it was left out of this one. I'm hoping they bring it back.
  • Darth_Kaar
    In my opinion, besides Overwatch, Titanfall 2 is best multiplayer experience available now. Fast paced gameplay, great mechanics combining both parkour and mech fighting executed nearly perfectly. Interesting maps that require thinking in three dimensions. What does the player need more?
  • beoir
    I'd love it if RESPAWN became better known and eclipses Activision (considering how the lead design team was treated when they worked there). However, something is at play to not be getting a large fan following. Whatever the root cause, they need to find it or they'll die off and take a perfectly good title with it.
  • wifiburger
    yeah add all you want you'll prob never going to get your initial player base, people buy / play the single player campaign and a bit of multiplayer and they leave forever,

    very common these days !
  • Terminator333
    Frontier defense is the best mode i really hope they bring it back.This is the reason why i'm not playing it anymore.