New Xbox Controllers Include Pizza-Scented, Pizza-Shaped Diffuser

TMNT promo
(Image credit: Microsoft/Xbox)

Microsoft today announced a new, limited-edition version of its iconic Xbox controllers. Built as part of a marketing effort for the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem movie, you might think these controllers used aesthetic references (such as the TMNT's bandanas) to differentiate from the usual Microsoft controller designs. And well, they do -- there are four variations, one for each of the ninjutsu-specialist, anthropomorphized turtles.

But perhaps that's why neither you nor I are controller designers for Xbox: We're just not thinking as... outside of the pizza box as we should. At Microsoft, someone definitely did, as these controllers go further than any others ever dared before: They're actually pizza-scented. It's unclear what type of pizza the scent was derived from (we're hoping they don't include the likely "sewer waft" from the original source material), so your mileage may vary.

TMNT promo

"I love the smell of pizza in the morning" (Image credit: Microsoft/Xbox)

According to Microsoft, the scent is produced by a pizza-slice-shaped scent diffuser strapped onto the back of the controller shell (eh). But unfortunately, this is merely a limited-edition run: There are only four of these controllers, and they can only be won by participating in the social media promotion for the film.

As our resident Pi(e)-extraordinaire put it, it's a shame these are just part of a marketing effort and not really for sale -- no amount of dough will get one into our hands. But if you want controllers that smell like pizza, you could of course just take the normal route , order from your favorite pie provider and chow down while you get your game on. If, in the process of adding your personal pizza scent to your own controller, it starts to turn TMNT green, we do suggest wiping it down. No one really wants to know the secret of the ooze. 

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  • Giroro
    I'm tired of companies making fake products to exploit free clickbait marketing.
  • bigdragon
    So who do I yell at for dirtying up a controller -- the manufacturer or the current player? A controller that smells like pizza needs to be cleaned!
  • PEnns
    Some companies and their gamers give humanity a bad name

    Yes, it is 2023 and human brains are still stuck at the dark ages level.

    Pun intended.
  • InvalidError
    If I want to smell pizza, I'll make and bake one.

    I'd either perpetually get cravings from having a permanent pizza scent or get nausea from it after a while.
  • Sluggotg
    My favorite Pizza Making Book. "The Pizza Bible", by Tony Gemignani. Now I am craving Pizza.