Join Us On Reddit for Our Tom's Hardware AMA!

We host quite a few AMAs here on Tom's Hardware, with various vendors taking time to answer questions from our readers in the forums. Now it's our turn! Chris is going to be over on the /r/buildapc subreddit (as well as r/IAMA, home of the AMA) answering all your questions a little bit later on today. Whether they're related to how we build our own PCs or how we pick components for builds features in our stories, Chris will do his best to help you out.

For those of you who don't know, our own Chris Angelini is the man responsible for a lot of the content you see on THG. If there was a prize for the busiest man in the world, Chris would be a contender. He keeps us all in line and ensures everything on the site runs smoothly in addition to doing most of our testing in the lab (so if you have questions about benchmarking, he might be able to help you out there, too!).

Other members of the Tom's team might also pop in and out during the afternoon. This would be a great time for questions about specific specialties (Don, for example, does our Best Graphics/Best CPUs posts, while Adam takes care of the Web Browser Grand Prix articles every quarter). Of course, our community manager Joe, whom you all know and love, will also be on hand if you have any questions for him.

Things are going to kick off at 1pm PT today (December 13), which is 4pm ET. Chris will be around to answer your questions for the afternoon, and we'll be sure to post a round-up of the questions and answers once the AMA is over.

Click HERE to go straight to the AMA!

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