Tom's Hardware At MWC 2016: Get Your News Here!

Tech journalism is a challenging and time-consuming profession, but there are certainly perks -- not the least of which is being sent to incredible locales for days at a stretch to see all the hot new products and technologies coming down the pike. Next week is one of those times, as Tom's Hardware will be on the ground in beautiful Barcelona, Spain, covering Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016.

For all the latest news and insights from the show, check back in with the news feed or head straight to our MWC tag page, where you can see just the news from the show.

At the risk of sounding like an insincere talk show host, this year's MWC looks to be a good one indeed. Some of the announcements leading up to the event are intriguing enough, but we can't wait to tell you about some of the biggest stories from the most important companies in the mobile space. And of course -- one of my favorite things about these massive tradeshows -- by wandering the show floor, we're sure to discover exciting companies, products and technologies we've never heard of before.

Plus, you never know when there's a surprise in the works, like last year's mind-blowing announcement of the HTC Vive. (HTC! Who would've thought?)

And so, dear readers, we'll be departing shortly for the Spanish coast. In between the jetlag and extraordinary cuisine, we'll be writing and writing and writing. Stay with us:

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  • Darkbreeze
    You just wanted to rub in the fact that you get to go to Spain, while the rest of us are stuck with our dreary existences. :)

    JK. Looking forward to the insights.