Tom's Hardware Call For Translators

Did you know that Tom's Hardware is a worldwide operation? And I don't just mean that we're on the "worldwide" web here. We have offices and personnel in the U.S., France, Germany, and Italy, plus UK and Russian editions of the site. Naturally, we work closely with our counterparts in those countries, sometimes working in concert on big launches (you're probably most familiar with the dynamic duo of Chris Angelini and Igor Wallossek on GPU and CPU reviews), and sometimes delegating review categories to specific regions.

We've been working on extending these efforts so we can bring you even more content, and as a result, we need more freelance translators:

- French/German (and/or vice versa)- English/French (and/or vice versa)- German/English (and/or vice versa)

To do this well requires more than Google translate, or even fancy translation technology, especially for the heavier pieces we do. It requires fluency in both languages. More importantly, it actually requires deep technical understanding. That's why I'm writing this here; our best (and only) translators are tech-savvy enthusiasts, and they come directly from our readership more often than not.

For the time being this is freelance work, but we do need people who are dependable, relatively fast, and sometimes available on short notice.

Do you have what it takes to translate Tom's Hardware articles? If so, we've created a very short form to fill out. There, you can tell us which languages apply to you, give us some idea of your technical chops, and from there, please be willing to go through a short test.

Fritz Nelson
Fritz Nelson is Editor-at-Large of Tom's Hardware US.
  • Elhardwaregy
    what about arabic??
  • Amdlova
    How about portuguese ?
  • jimmyEatWord
    i can translate but i don't think you would agree
  • pelegbn
    What about Klingon???
  • TechyInAZ
    Simple: :D
  • 007agentHP
    18362363 said:
    How about portuguese ?

    I'd be happy to give an interview / test article to translate Tech from English to portuguese
  • gaevs
    Or spanish, been working on IT for 20 years... so i can translate easly to spanish
  • tiagoluz8
    Seems like Portuguese speaking people are unemployed (myself included).
  • picardbluenight
    Dear Fritz.
    Althought I imagine it is a high-level business decission, you should think about the spanish language. Second language by native speakers as per Wikipedia data (for 2010, the figures should be even better by now).

    Thank you for considering.
  • Mac266
    How about proofreaders.