QOTD: How Fast is Your Net Connection?

Despite spending most of our time online and at the computer these days, a major bottle neck is the connection we use to gain access.

In North America, even though broadband is pretty much accessible everywhere, the overall infrastructure is really bogged down. Because we're running much of everything on aging equipment and underlying cabling, speeds are extremely limited.

Despite this, some companies are launching new fiber services, that offer incredible speeds. But even with fiber, we're still lagging behind countries like Japan. Many residents of Japan enjoy speeds of 100 Mbit/sec. or greater. When we see this, it's painfully obvious that our ISPs are totally taking us for a ride, and charging a hefty sum of money for it.

The skinny? U.S. and Canadian Internet users are getting ripped off.

The question of the day is: How fast is your Internet connection?

Those of you reading from more, "privileged" countries, spare us.

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  • ImmortalJman
    Mine supposedly is 15mb/s but I'm finding that it more like 5 or 6. So, yeah I'm getting ripped off.
  • Tech-Boy
    Im the one getting ripped off! I pay a enormous amount for just 128kps (this is a fastest you can get right now), this is because I live in a remote area in central America! I am supposed to get 2mb next year for $120 dollars a month, which is very expensive, but I am looking forward to it.
  • Anonymous
    I had 30mb/s down 3mb/s up then moved and now get about 10mb/s down and 3mb/s up. Paying about $50 a month for it.