Nvidia Update Adds GPU Overclocking, OBS Noise-Cancelling

GeForce Game Ready Driver
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Today Nvidia dropped a new GeForce Experience driver update, version 3.22, and a new Game Ready Driver, version 466.11. Both driver updates are so feature-focused that there are more features added than bugs fixed. Making this patch cycle the most exciting update we've seen from Nvidia drivers in a while.

Nvidia's AI Noise Removal Comes to OBS Studio

With the 466.11 driver, Nvidia's popular AI Noise removal feature -- which can be found in RTX Broadcast, is now coming to OBS Studio. Now you will be able to cancel out background noise using Nvidia's software directly through OBS when you are streaming or recording. All you need is Nvidia Broadcast Audio Effects SDK, the 466.11 GeForce driver (or newer), and the latest test build of OBS Studio, version 27.

Once you have all three installed, you can use Nvidia's noise removal software by right-clicking an audio source in the audio mixer and selecting the filters menu.

Nvidia Reflex Gets Faster When CPU Limited

Another update to the 466.11 driveris added performance with Nvidia's Reflex technology under CPU-bound scenarios. More specifically, Nvidia says this update helps reduce system latency in CPU-bound situations where the render submission thread is the limiting factor.

So if you are in a situation where you have one of the best graphics cards, like an RTX 3080, but a slow processor that is bottlenecking your system, you'll see a performance improvement with the new Reflex optimizations.

But beware, this optimization only activates when you run Nvidia Reflex in "Boost" mode. Some games like Call of Duty Cold War don't enable boost mode by default, so be sure its checked in your Reflex supported title.

Nvidia future notes that all Nvidia Reflex supported titles have been updated to support the new optimization, including Valorant.

GeForce Experience Gets Major Updates

In the latest GeForce Experience 3.22 update, official support for one-click automatic GPU overclocking and performance OSD are now available.

Several months back, Nvidia introduced these features to GeForce Experience users in a beta format. The tools allow you to monitor things such as your GPU temperature, clock speed and memory consumption, more directly from the app.

With the GeForce Experience app, you also get one-click automatic GPU overclocking, where the application will automatically overclock and automatically stress test your GPU, giving you an easy way to get extra performance from your graphics card.

In 3.22 Nvidia has expanded it's game optimizations area to support productivity apps as well, including Davinci Resolve. This means that GeForce Experience can automatically optimize settings inside productivity applications to best suit your GPU, similar to how the app can automatically adjust graphics detail in video games.

Other Updates

In the new graphics driver update, you also get DLSS and RTX support for Mortar shell, support for six new G-Sync Compatible displays from LG and MSI, and four bug fixes including the following:

1. Supreme Commander (1 & 2) should no longer experience low FPS.
2. RAW files should no longer show up black in Adobe Lightroom.
3. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 VR should no longer stutter when hardware accelerated GPU scheduling is disabled.
4. Some displays should no longer show incorrect color levels after booting into Windows.

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