Report: Intel Prices Ultrabook BOM at $475 to $710

The brief word on the street was that ODMs/OEMs were having trouble making Ultrabooks (essentially laptops with a form like a MacBook Air) for under $1,000. Then a report popped up of Acer's offering that should creep in at $768 to $960, helping to put to rest the fears of a ballooned budget.

According to Digitimes, Intel has put together a reference design and bill of materials that range from $475 to $710. Mind you, that's the just the material cost, so the final product will definitely reflect further value-added cost on top.

The Taiwanese publication details that the 0.8-inch (21 mm) notebooks have a BOM of $475 to $650 and the 0.7-inch (18 mm) design has one $493 to $710.

It looks like a sub-$1000 Ultrabook will be real after all, though it still remains to be seen how much you will have to pay to get the configuration you desire.

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  • werxen
    and THAT is why Apple is suing everyone. What a fucking rip off...
  • angela1130
    Apple would charge 3 times the price you'd pay for this ultrabook.
    Just for the Apple logo and their crap OS.
  • tmk221
    as far as I remember the last article here on TH said asus and acer won't manage to build ultrabook with Sandy bridge under $1000

    I'm sure they can build one for $768 to $960 but it will have crappy celeron , or in best case scenario core 2 duo.

    Intel charges too high premium for their CPU. AMD please release bulldozer already!