Vadim Launches 9800 GX2 And 9800 GTX Modular Waterblocks

Vadim Computer announced today the release of its BlastFlow waterblock for 9800 GX2 and a plate for the recently released 9800 GTX graphics cards. The British computer and watercooling manufacturer is currently the only company to offer modular waterblocks, at least to our knowledge. Once you have a BlastFlow base block, you are basically covered: All of your future graphics cards will only need a new plate.

The 9800 GTX plate covers all of the key elements of the 9800 GTX card, which is based on the "old" G92 chip, but comes with more Shader horsepower and, of course, more texture units. The plate is priced at $49.

Vadim Computer also offers a mounting kit for the sandwich card GeForce 9800 GX2. The company offers an upgrade for its existing BlastFlow waterblock, consisting of an additional copper plate that fits on top of the BlastFlow Rev2. It sells for $115.

These prices are really steep, but Vadim Chobanu, founder and CEO of Vadim Computer, told TG Daily that he is looking for ways to bring the prices down. Right now, all of the blocks are manufactured in Greater London area: If you want to have one of very few computer components that is not built in mainland China or Taiwan, you will have to pay the premium that comes with skilled UK workers.