New Microsoft Ad Says Macs are Cool With Kids

Microsoft’s back with episode 3 of the Laptop Hunters, where real-life similes shop for their ideal laptop, only to arrive at a PC.

Apple’s "I’m a Mac" commercials were always somewhat controversial, and eventually they even became some what obnoxious. Now it’s payback time.

Microsoft’s released the third TV spot of its Laptop Hunters, where mother and son pursue Best Buy for their ideal computer: something that has speed, a big hard drive, and it must be a good gaming computer – for under $1,500.

It wouldn't be a Laptop Hunters without throwing some Apples into the mix. The camera follows the two shoppers to the Apple section, as the mother says, "Let’s take a look at the Macs. They are quite popular with his age," while pointing at her son.

Upon arriving at the Mac table, the mother exclaims, "Whoa, these are way more money, dude!"

The son replies, "it’s a little too small," while touching a MacBook White.

Mom then concedes what was acknowledged in the previous commercial. "They are pretty," she said.

The 11-year old boy then speaks the words giving the commercial its purpose: "Maybe we’d rather go with PC."

Eventually the mother and son find a Sony Vaio, to which the pair expresses glee at the inclusion of Blu-ray -- something definitely not available on Macs as Steve Jobs feels that the format is currently a quantity of hurt packaged in bags.

Check out the full minute-long commercial on YouTube.

In case you missed the equally entertaining commercials from before, find them at the links below:

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  • cryogenic
    Unlike Apple, Microsoft has said nothing but the truth in the add.
  • Other Comments
  • curnel_D
    I dont think it's as good as the other two. But honestly, I enjoyed the jerry and bill show a ton more. :P
    I already know why PC's are superior, now I just want to be entertained.
  • curnel_D
    "Microsoft’s released the third TV spot of its Laptop Hunters, where mother and sun peruse Best Buy"
    There's one easy caught mispelling.

    Not to mention the article title blows.
  • chaosgs
    Why wouldn't Microsoft fund Circuit city the cash to make these commercials? Its not fair, CC doesn't even sell macs so were already on their side.