Valve's Steam Broadcasting Feature Added To SteamVR

Valve has been busy regularly updating SteamVR to fix bugs and add new features. The latest change to the platform brings the popular broadcasting feature from the standard Steam platform to virtual reality.

You now have the option of enabling game broadcasting while playing VR games. The SteamVR broadcasting feature works in the same way as the standard feature. You’ll find the dropdown box to enable broadcasting in your Steam privacy settings. Here you can select who has the ability to view your gameplay. You can set it so friends must request permission to view, or you can let friends watch without asking. Valve said it added the ability to accept requests from within a Vive game by clicking on the system button when a request comes through.

You also have the option to make your gameplay public. In whatever game you're currently playing, your broadcast will be listed in its Game Hub when you open it up for public viewing.

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