Valve Announces 'The Lab' VR Demo For GDC, Coming To Steam This Spring

At last year’s GDC, we were able to try out the HTC Vive, days after its initial announcement at Mobile World Congress. One year later, Valve is back at GDC with a new set of demos, collectively called The Lab.

The company didn’t provide too many details about The Lab, but we do know each of the “VR experiments” is set within the Portal universe, specifically in the halls of the Aperture Science laboratories.

In addition to a GDC showing, Valve will also offer The Lab for free on Steam later this spring, so you’ll have some way of showing off the features of the Vive to family and friends.

If you want to get your hands on the HTC Vive, you can still place a pre-order on the Vive website. As usual, we’ll also be at GDC next week to give you our impressions of Valve’s latest VR demo.

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  • eklipz330
    i would like the personal opinion of tom's readers... in about a year, i will be purchasing either a 34-35" 21:9 monitor, or a VR headset. which one would you prefer? do VR headsets come with freesync?