Verbatim and Fuji ready 16x DVD+R discs

Chicago (IL) - Approaching current physical limitations of recording speeds for DVDs, several manufacturers are preparing for the launch of 16x DVD media. Releases of DVD+Rs, capable of recording data at 21 MByte/s, are planned within a few weeks.

Verbatim is the latest company to announce a new speed for its media. The company said it used its "AZO dye" to achieve a higher level of thermal and optical properties to enable a wider power margin and increased sensitivity to laser light for high-speed recording.

Reliability is enhanced by controlling the heat interference between recording marks, which reduces degradation of the recording marks, the company said. The media also will be backwards compatible with previous DVD burner generations, according to Verbatim.

Production of the 4.7 GByte media is expected to start in September with a worldwide availability of the media in November.

Fuji as well as RiData also announced upcoming 16x DVD+R discs, which are scheduled to arrive in stores in fall.

16x DVD drives so far were announced by BenQ, Pioneer, and Sony. 16x speed, spinning discs at about 10,000 rpm, has been discussed for some time as likely speed limit for DVD recording. Experts say that higher speeds will crack the polycarbonate material of the DVD.