Worm Freezes Laptop Fan, Overheats CPU

Typically, when we think of a computer worm, we immediately think of a normal, code-based virus. If only that were the case. One gentleman's computer had a real, live worm, crawl into his laptop and do some serious damage.

The folks at Telegraph.co.uk tell the story of Mike Taylor, who recently began having computer troubles related to his laptop's cooling fan.  When Mike attempted to investigate the problem through an IT repairman, the two came across perhaps one of the most effective worms we've seen to date.  An actual worm had made its way through the cooling vents of the laptop, and up to the fan where it caused a complete cooling failure.

The worm itself was found wrapped around the fan, and was then cooked by the heat.  The fan never recovered though, which led to Taylor's computer issues.  Taylor believes that it was his cats that may have brought the worm in, and subsequently caused it to seek shelter.  No matter how the worm actually gained entry, the story is certainly one that Taylor can look forward to telling for years to come.

Of course, now we're expecting virus coders to come out with a virus that does exactly this.

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  • falchard
    Where is the Van in a laptop? I cannot find one.
  • Anonymous
    its there...see the grey die-cast model?
  • joex444
    I'll blame you for virus writers who can program such things. They apparently have not thought of this yet, and there you go giving them ideas on how they should override the fans.

    Doesn't really matter, though, CPUs that get too hot simply clock down or halt. So you'd be left with a PC that starts up with a fan on, the OS loads with the virus and then fans shut off. Sounds suspicious already. After that, the PC simply slows down and shuts off, just like every other worm. Nothing new or inventive here. Plus easily detected.