PlayStation VR Gets First Dibs On 'Coda' Expansion For 'Volume'

Sony's PlayStation VR is set to launch sometime in the first half of 2016, and like other VR companies in the market, Sony is trying to attract as many developers to its device for a strong lineup when it hits store shelves. (Check out our interview with Dr. Richard Marks, head of the Sony PlayStation Magic Lab.)

The latest developer for PlayStation VR is none other than Mike Bithell, who released his latest game, Volume, two months ago. Bithell not only announced an expansion for Volume called Coda, but he also said that it would be coming first, along with the main game, for Sony's VR headset.

The expansion picks up after the events of the first game, where you play as a new character brought in by the game's villains as a result of the actions of the main game's hero, Locksley. Other than that, Bithell's details are scarce, as he doesn't want to reveal any spoilers. However, he did mention that the expansion would include 30 new levels, a new cast of characters, and of course, a special VR setting where players place themselves in the shoes of The Troublemaker.

Volume was released on Steam for Windows and Mac, but the game was also available for the PlayStation 4. The console port was recently patched with a new update titled "Checkpoints," which added more challenges and leaderboard scores for those craving more gameplay. Bithell stated that the original version was designed with speedrunners in mind, but the new update provides not only an extra layer of difficulty, but other challenges for those who want to execute the perfect stealth run.

The game is also coming to the Playstation Vita, but Bithell wrote that it's still in development, and that he didn't want to put out a bad version on the game, even on a smaller device. Those who buy the game on the PS4 will also get a copy on the Vita, thanks to the Cross-Buy feature on the PlayStation Store. If you haven't picked up the game yet, it will be 30 percent off at the PlayStation Store until November 4.


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