More Social VR With vTime's 360 Gallery

vTime, a virtual reality “sociable” network (not to be confused with the AltspaceVR virtual social network) that lets you chat with friends in virtual environments, has been updated with some new features. You can now share your photos with friends in VR, and if they are 360-degree shots, they become your environment.

vTime first launched in December 2015 on the Samsung GearVR and Google Cardboard. The app is cross platform and has been used by hundreds of thousands of people from 170 different countries over the last six months. It offers 15 different digital environments in which to socialize, including an underwater ocean scene with active sea creatures, a meeting place in space next to the space station, and a campfire scene.

The social application has proven popular in its early form, but the company is now expanding what you can experience while chatting with friends on the platform. 

“Being sociable isn’t just about chatting,” explained vTime CEO Martin Kenwright. “It's also about sharing your personal memories with others. So now, we're letting you do just that, by giving you access to The Archive, and the freedom to upload your own images to the 360 Gallery. “

The vTime Archive is a digital environment where you can share your 2D photos with friends and family. It gives you access to a digital projector screen on which to display the photos, and the vTime 360 Gallery offers a unique way of displaying your 360-degree photographs. Rather than rotate them in front of you, the 360 Gallery immerses you and your friends inside the image.

vTime 2.0 gives you access to free cloud storage where you can store the images you wish to share with people. While in a virtual chat session, you can call up the images to load as your environment, or you can switch to the vTime Archive to share your standard images.

Like the initial version, vTime 2.0 launched today on GearVR and Cardboard. The company also announced that vTime will be launching soon on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. vTime also plans to be a launch title for PlaystationVR when it hits the market in the fall. You can find the app in the Oculus Home storefront and the Google play store.

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  • Mike4VR
    I've been a member of vTime since January. Since then, I've "met" countless number of friends from all over the world. vTime is the best virtual reality sociable experience on the planet! - Mike4VR