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Vuze VR 3D, 360-Degree Camera Now Available

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We’ve been tracking Humaneyes' Vuze camera ever since we first chatted with the company’s CEO around CES 2016. There were some delays in getting the Vuze to market, even after a pre-order window, but now the 3D, 360-degree camera is available to the general public.

It also appears that Humaneyes slightly rebranded the product from simply “Vuze” to “Vuze VR.” What has not changed is the $799 price tag, which includes the camera and a software suite, Humaneyes VR Studio, that does all your post-processing, editing, and production work.

It is true that eight hundred bucks for a fancy camera probably doesn’t feel like a “consumer” price to most people; that’s how much a full HTC Vive kit costs, after all. Further, lots of cheaper cameras shoot 360-degree video, so what’s the big deal with the Vuze VR?

The big deal is depth. Not only does the Vuze VR shoot in 360 degrees, it captures in 3D, too. The camera accomplishes this feat with an array of eight full HD cameras, and it also has four internal microphones to capture spatial audio.

The other key value add is the software. Humaneyes has gone to great lengths to develop a kit that requires a one-button touch to operate the camera and virtually no need for you to struggle with software. All the stitching for the eight cameras is automatically done on-device by the software. Humaneyes boasts that the camera actually delivers near real-time processing when paired with a powerful-enough GPU.

Whether the Vuze VR meets performance expectations is another question, but even assuming it does, $800 may be too high a price tag for many users. On the other hand, you’d be hard-pressed right now to find another camera that can shoot in 3D like this, so if you’re into making your own VR video content, the Vuze VR may be one of your best options.

You can now order one from Humaneyes here. Note, though, that orders won’t start to ship until April.

Vuze VR
Type360-degree video camera
Optics-8 total 1080p HD cameras (2 per side) -180x120 FoV-Spherical: 360x180 degrees-Sony imx480 image sensors-4K per eye spherical resolution
ProcessorsAmbarella A9 video processors (x2)
Motion TrackingGPS, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Compass
Recording-H.264-4K resolution panorama @ 30fps-Up to 120 Mbps VBR-Audio: AAC
Audio-MEMS 48Hz non-compressed phones (x4)-Format: Non-compressed 16bit PCM (x4)
Connectivity-802.11b/g/n 2.4 GHz-USB 2.0 Data transfer
OS Support-Windows 8.1, 10, 64 bit with GPU that supports DirectX 11 and with 2GB RAM-Mac OS 10.11 El Capitan, GPU with 2GB RAM-Recommended: Windows 10 64-bit, discrete GPU with 3GB RAM (eg, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070, AMD Radeon Fury)
Battery-Li-ion 3,700mAh (3.8V)-1-hour recording
Misc.-Single-button operation-Remote control with app control (Android, iOS)-IP64 (Dust tight, splash proof)-Operating temp: 0 - 40⁰C-Available in red, yellow, blue, and black
In The Box-Camera (w/ standard tripod thread mount)-Mini VR glasses-Hard shell case-Charger w/USB input-USB cable-Power adapter-Quick-start guide, warranty-Lens cloth-Carrying handle
SoftwareVuze Studio-Automatic movie generation-Adaptive Blending (stitching)-Editing and 3D effects creation
Dimensions12x12x3 cm