Read Your Watts With A GPS Technology Power Supply


Taipei (Taiwan) - While walking the halls of the Computex trade show, we saw this interesting power supply with an integrated watt meter. The Classic PC Power Supply (not sure what makes it so classic) by GPS Technology has a three digit LED readout along with a temperature gauge on the power supply’s chassis. The company’s founder says the watt meter is accurate to within 10 watts.

The power supply has automatic switching from 100 to 240 volts, but other specs are a bit hard to come by. In fact, while I was talking to the founder another Computex attendee walked up and asked about the voltage rails. While I understood the question perfectly, perhaps there was something lost in the translation because the founder answered back, "Yes, it has rails." Hmmm....

The same attendee also asked if the power supply measured from the wall socket or internally - in essence was the measurement being taken before or after the power conversion. Again, the founder didn’t seem to have a concrete answer as he first said from the wall and then changed to internally by measuring the current for each connected device.

What’s even more interesting is that the PSU is aimed at high-end gamers and enthusiasts, but it currently tops out in the 400 to 500 watt capacity range. We were told that future models will go to 1000 watts and beyond, but the engineers will have to program an extra digit to the LED screen for the higher watt readings.