WD Black 5TB P10 HDD for PC, Xbox and PlayStation Now Only $91

WD Black 5TB 910 Game Drive
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WD's capacious Black 5TB P10 HDD is now only $91 during Amazon Prime Day, a savings of $29 compared to its typical pricing. 

The 5TB WD Black P10 has a 2.5" HDD inside the metal case that spins at 5,400-RPM and communicates via a USB 3.0 connection. As you'd expect from a slower 5,400-RPM drive, top speed max out at 140 MBps, which is quite a bit slower than SSD alternatives. Naturally, capacious storage and lower pricing is the attraction here, and the P10 delivers with a $0.02-per-GB asking price that easily beats even the cheapest of SSDs. 

WD Black 5TB P10 HDD: was $120, now $91 at Amazon

WD Black 5TB P10 HDD: was $120, now $91 at Amazon
The 5TB WD Black P10 HDD brings a beefy 5TB of storage to your PC, Xbox or PlayStation at the friendly price of $91. Speeds top out at 140 MB/s for the 5,400-RPM drive. The drive communicates over a USB 3.0 connection and comes covered by a three-year warranty.. 

The P10 is compatible with PC, Mac, Xbox or PlayStation platforms and comes with an 18-inch USB Type-A to Micro-B cable. WD covers the drive with a three-year warranty. 

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