HP Shipping a Mouse That Connects Using Wi-Fi

Wireless mice are pretty handy, but not everyone can utilize them the same way. Some run off Bluetooth, which requires for the computer to have Bluetooth hardware – not a standard part. An alternative is for an external USB dongle that adds a Bluetooth or RF receiver.

HP is now selling a third option that uses a Wi-Fi connection, which these days is standard on laptops, to add a wireless mouse on a Windows 7 system without the requirement of Bluetooth or use of any additional dongles.

We surmise that the HP Wi-Fi mobile mouse connects to the Windows 7 machine's Wi-Fi hardware directly through an ad hoc connection. This should not upset the computer's ability to connect to an access point for internet connectivity.

HP boasts that its Wi-Fi mouse has up to nine months of battery life from two AA batteries. It is now selling for $49.99.

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  • tical2399
    I wonder how much this would effect the battery of the laptop.
  • im_caius
    But it would have to have 2 wifi adaptors otherwise you wouldn't be able to connect to a Wi-Fi internet network :/
  • steelbox
    Can it be a door for hacker invasion? Since it utilizes wireless it will connect with the wireless network card, right?