Wii U CPU Clock Frequencies Below the Xbox 360 and PS3

However, as far as chip architecture and clock speeds are concerned, the specs seem to be a bit underwhelming.

Hacker Marcan claims to have identified the clock speed and some characteristics of the CPU. Apparently, Nintendo uses a variant of the IBM PowerPC 750 processor with three cores and a clock speed of 1.243125 GHz per core. The Wii had a PowerPC 750CL processor running at 729 MHz. The Wii U's graphics clock is 549.999755 MHz. The Wii's Hollywood GPU was clocked at 243 MHz.

We know that clock speed isn't everything in performance, and the specs somewhat correspond to developer claims -- though some of which are apparently already hitting their limits. Still, the clock speeds are substantially below the rival processors, as the PS3′s Cell CPU and the Xbox 360′s Xenon chip are clocked at over 3 GHz per core. The graphics chip in the Xbox 360 runs at 500 MHz, while the PS3's GPU is clocked at 550 MHz.

However, the Wii U's CPU and GPU appear to have written compromise all over them and support the speculation that Nintendo simply needed to counter Microsoft's Kinect quickly and did not have enough time to engineer an entirely new hardware foundation. According to VentureBeat, one of the major compromises in the Wii U is that the console does not support two tablets running at the same time and when it does, it will have to scale back the frame rate of the game that is played.

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  • wanderer11
    People that buy nintendo products generally don't care about hardware specs.
  • yialanliu
    Yes, and a 1.4ghz ARM Smartphone processor is superior to a 1.2ghz intel processor.

    Clock speed isn't important and can't be compared apples to apples...worthless article. How about showing a benchmark or something rather than write a meaningless article?
  • fudoka711
    wanderer11People that buy nintendo products generally don't care about hardware specs.
    Exactly. One big reason the Wii did so well was because of the games and general "fun-factor". The Wii-motes were, and are, a long ways ahead of the kinect and PS3's wand.

    I don't think the Wii U will be anywhere near as popular as the Wii was though.
  • cats_Paw
    Nintendos strenght was always to make fun games, not the best looking.
  • mazty
    wanderer11People that buy nintendo products generally don't care about hardware specs.Exactly. That's what makes them fanboys - they aren't actually looking at what they are buying. Let's pay $300+ for a console that performs worse then the current ones. Did you see the BLOPSII frames? Could barely keep pace with the PS3 and was hammered by the 360. Again, Nintendo have been shown to have released nothing more then a gimmick.
  • metathias
    Unfortunately as with the Wii Nintendo will have to depend on internal development to create games that work well with the WII U. All 3rd party companys have already stretched the existing 360, and PS3 to their limits technicly and are now hard at work making games that will finally push the PC market again and prepare for the next round of Consoles. Luckily it only takes about 10 minutes to write a game for the wii U that will take advantage of all its bells and whistles.
  • JamesSneed
    Oh here we go again about clock speed. Why the my engine revs to higher RPM's then your engine is still relative these days is beyond me. The Power 750( 3x Broadway) chip is a very nice out of order chip that has damn good IPC. It should have more than enough CPU power. The true power these days is in the GPU and the Wii does have a fairly nice AMD/ATI r700 chip for graphics.
  • Its almost 2013 and these specs are beyond pathetic.
  • atminside
    I am curious as how the WiiU graphics compares to Intel's HD 4000. Anyone know?
  • oblivionlord
    My 4 year old desktop cpu Q9550 is faster than the wii-U as well as my 4 year old videocard GTX260.