Windows 10 on the Nintendo Switch Soon to Be a Reality

There’s some fine ways to spend your free time, but trying to get Windows 10 to run on a variety of different ARM based devices probably isn’t going to make it into the top 100 of things people are most likely to do.

Nevertheless that’s exactly what this group of developers is doing. First reported by Windows Latest, Tweets from Ben Imbushuo suggests that a fully working version isn’t too far away, with it only requiring some minor tweaks, including one particularly big one to memory allocation.

(Image credit: Ben Imbushuo (@imbushuo))

All of this is possible thanks to Microsoft’s latest venture into its Windows 10 on ARM operating system. Capable of running on any system featuring a Snapdragon processor, this OS runs identically to its sister OS on mainstream desktops, albeit not quite as smooth (that’s down to a lack of performance). It even comes with x86 software emulation built in it as standard.

(Image credit: Ben Imbushuo (@imbushuo))

It’s already been plumbed into the latest Raspberry Pi 3 and pushed onto Nokia Lumia 950 smartphones too, flushing the last remaining Windows Phone OS out of there in favor of the fully fledged Windows 10 instead. One YouTuber even managed to demonstrate the Lumia 950 XL running the old school Fallout game on the device.

Zak Storey

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