Get Your New Windows 7 Themes Right Here

So you've just installed Windows 7 and you're looking to make it your own. The appearance of one's OS is something that is deeply personal. Just take a look at your own desktop and compare it to the settings of others – totally different, right?

Windows 7 makes customization easier with more theme choices. While going with a pre-made theme does kind of go against the whole idea of complete customization, they still make for interesting starting points. Or, maybe you just want a Coca-Cola, Ferrari or Gears of War desktop theme.

Microsoft has updated its personalization gallery with fresh themes from movies such as Avatar and people movers such as Ducati and Porsche. If you're feeling patriotic or you just want to soak in the ambiance from another country, you can also download the international themes, which include scenery from around the world.

Check it all out here and let us know which one you end up going with.

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  • jomofro39
    I got all the fast things and coca-cola. Keep 'em hyped, keep 'em fast. Thanks for pointing these out. Vroom Vroom.
  • hispeed120
    I've always been a fan of Ferrari, and normally my desktop reflects such. However, the Ferrari theme here just has the wrong red, and it doesn't look that good. However, that 458 that they use is a different story! :)
  • buwish
    Went with home away from home.