Report: Windows 7 SP1 Coming Summer, Fall

Just to be extra safe, many IT professionals prefer to wait until at least the first Service Pack for a Windows version before implementing it into their departments. The reason is that the first massive wave of users will already have hit the OS to clear out any possible bugs and compatibility issues.

Now that Windows 7 has settled in inside consumer homes after the considerable marketing push from retail, attention is turning to Microsoft's next step in development. ZDNet blogger Adrian Kingsley-Hughes claims to have reports that Windows 7 SP1 is already undergoing testing and has seen several lists of post-RTM build numbers.

There haven't been any word on what major changes, if any, to expect other than the inclusion of all patches and fixes released to date and the likely inclusion of USB 3.0 support.

At this point, it seems that the work on the first Service Pack is more of a green light for business and enterprise users to consider Windows 7 rather than a true major boost to the OS.

As for when we can see this first Service Pack roll out, IT Chuiko claims to have sources at Microsoft that point to a June 2010 release for testers, with the final version slated for September 2010.

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  • ravewulf
    I'll be waiting to test it :)
  • rags_20
    Isn't the USB controller on the motherboard? If I get a USB 3.0 port card, won't I be able to connect without SP1?
  • Shadow703793
    Wow... that's quick for a SP release.