A New and Improved Windows 7 Upgrade Chart

Those of you still running on Windows XP will have to do a clean install of Windows 7 if you wish to move to the new and shiny OS this fall. If you're using Windows Vista, however, you have a decent chance of being able to do an in-place upgrade. Of course, the ease of that depends on the version you're running and the one that you wish to install, which leads to an upgrade-compatibility chart.

The Wall Street Journal's Walt Mossberg received a compatibility chart from Microsoft, plotting out each possible upgrade path from a previous version of Windows to the upcoming release, but unfortunately the chart he received was unnecessarily complicated and convoluted.

Fortunately, ZDNet blogger Ed Bott took it upon himself to fix the chart into something infinitely more sensible and readable, which is included below.


Which upgrade path will you be taking?

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  • kawininjazx
    Fresh install for me, I'm gonna get Home Premium. It's always a good time to reload windows.
  • duckmanx88
    i'm just going to keep enjoying vista until I buy a new PC. I don't want to spend $50-$100 on whats just a few improvements on Vista. please prove to me what drastic changes you saw from Vista of right now to Windows 7.
  • Aoster87
    I wish I could upgrade to the OEM Windows 7 straight from the RC =/