Windows XP Drops Below 40%, Windows 8 Passes 1%

According to the Internet analysis firm, Windows 8 had a share of 1.09 percent of all operating systems at the end of the first full month of its availability.

It is too early to make a judgment on what that number really means, even if that 1.09 percent includes all those users who used the operating system prior to its release and simply upgraded when it became available in October 2012. However, it is unlikely that Windows 8 will reach the market share of Windows 7, which was released in October 2009. Net Applications said that Windows 7's average market share during the fourth quarter 2009 was 3.97 percent.

Windows 7 increased its market share in November from 44.60 percent to 44.71 percent, indicating that consumers are still picking the old operating system. Windows XP, however, fell below 40 percent for the first time in almost 10 years and is now estimated at 39.82 percent share.

StatCounter released vastly different market share numbers. The company estimates Windows 7 market share at 53.15 percent and Windows XP share at 26.19 percent. StatCounter did not release Windows market share numbers and listed the new OS under "other" operating systems, which landed at 3.08 percent.

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  • john15v16
    Windows XP is hard to beat but I think Windows 7 is a better OS...Windows 8 on the other hand...I will wait for SP1 or maybe SP2...or maybe just windows 9...
  • kawininjazx
    Windows 8 is the 1%.

    And Windows 7 picks up.
  • drbaltazar
    at the pace its going they should grab about 10 to 15% of market share!no surprise really !this os was targeted at xp and again xp yelled :NO TY!and i got to say i agree!check me!i can have a lot of techno from ms,donnybrooks,dx11,remote differential compression,64 bit ,tessalation.etc etc etc and all of those are useless because they arent being used!its all nice and good to have new stuff but only if it is being used!its like having a bugati veron in a school zone!ya good for but not used at all!