Windows 10 Preview Continues: Insiders To Receive First Post Retail Update Today

Shortly before Microsoft launched Windows 10 on July 29, the Insider program signups were shut down. Anyone already running a preview build was free to remain, but new users were not allowed to join anymore. It's been just about three weeks now since Windows 10 has been out, and Microsoft has finally released a new build to Insiders and opened up sign-ups to the Insider Program.

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Starting today, Windows 10 Insider Preview users in the fast ring will have their installs updated to build 10525, the first release that is newer than the retail product. The new update will come through automatically for anyone running Windows 10 Preview.

If you are interested in joining the Insider program, it is now open again, but you will first have to install a licensed copy on Windows 10. Before the OS was released, Insiders could download a build to install that didn't require a previous license of Windows 7, 8 or 8.1. Now, to join the preview you must first install Windows 10, and then opt in. For those who opted in early, a retail copy is not needed at this time, but reinstalling a fresh copy will require a previously activated genuine license.

One of the key features of the preview build is the Windows Feedback application. This app allows users to submit suggestions and bug reports. One of the most common suggestions was to add this feature to the retail version of Windows, which Microsoft has done. In order to differentiate, the Insider program has a more robust feedback system that allows users to take screenshots and reproduce problems, along with the ability to filter feedback from previous builds. The consumer version of the app will only let you file, upvote and search the general public feedback submissions.

Preview Build 10525 comes with a few different changes. First, you will now have more customization options for the Start menu, Action Center, Taskbar and Title bars. In the new build you'll be able to choose how colors are selected, turn color highlight on and off for Start, the Taskbar and Action Center, as well as choose to make those transparent or not.

The latest build of Windows 10 will be a test run for a new memory management feature. Compression store has been added to Memory Manager, which Microsoft said should reduce the amount of memory used by applications. By compressing unused pages, rather than writing them to the hard disk, Windows 10 is able to keep more active applications in memory; this process should greatly increase responsiveness of the OS. This feature is handled by the System Process, and for this reason, Microsoft said it will appear as though that process is using up more memory than in previous builds.

Microsoft noted that the Insider program is meant to test unreleased software, and if you opt in, make sure to back up your data. There are bound to be bugs, and this build is no exception.

Windows 10 Insider build 10525 has three notable bugs. Mobile hotspot is currently not working. Sharing your Internet connection will fail to deliver an IP address to the additional device. Video playback in Movies and TV has an issue that will require a fresh install from the Microsoft Store.

This preview build is also only available in U.S. English at this time. Additional languages should be available later this week.

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  • TechyInAZ
    Looks great! Glad this is starting since I'm having BSOD issues currently with windows 10. Hopefully once the preview builds are stable enough all windows users can update to that build.

    Looks like I'll be running my windows 10 pro preview copy of windows inside a VM with windows 10 pro. LOL.
  • captaincharisma
    with the new colour options i hope this means they will let us use the dark theme globally and not just in the Edge browser