Windows 7 Rots Just Like All Other Windows

Managing a computer is like keeping your house organized. You always accumulate more stuff, and once in a while you have to do a massive clean (some do this during the first half of the year and call it spring cleaning).

Keeping a well-running PC is much the same, by being mindful of what you install, uninstall and reinstall. The only difference is that if your house was like Windows – especially a very messy and unkept one – you'd have to bulldoze or dynamite the whole lot to get things clean again.

Unfortunately, it seems that Windows 7 won't be doing much to change the phenomenon of "Windows rot." According to findings by LA-based iolo technologies, makers of System Mechanic PC tune-up software, Windows 7 is also susceptible to aging through use.

"Windows 7 slows down over time (ages) just like Vista, with boot times increasing more 330 percent over the course of two years of regular use," iolo technologies shared with Tom's Hardware.

Thankfully, it seems that Windows 7 might age more gracefully than Windows Vista, as the newer OS seems to be able to keep its legs in better condition even after months of usage.

In a comparison of three- and six-month systems, iolo technologies found that Windows 7 outperformed Windows Vista in the area of boot times.

iolo technologies will share more of its findings next week, hopefully with information on its simulation of systems estimated at two years of regular use. Stay tuned!

Marcus Yam
Marcus Yam served as Tom's Hardware News Director during 2008-2014. He entered tech media in the late 90s and fondly remembers the days when an overclocked Celeron 300A and Voodoo2 SLI comprised a gaming rig with the ultimate street cred.
  • Thanks Iolo Technologies, I just don't get enough advertisements posing as research in my daily internet browsing.
  • ubernoobie
    How about if you defrag every month? I've been using vista 1 year so bear and i get no noticable increase, 1second> if harddrive defragged
  • ubernoobie
    fail spelling
  • eklipz330

    i seriously think almost everyone here at tom's knows how to keep things fresh and fast. iolo is just doing their job at trying to sell their products, which is not a bad thing, but it makes them look like fools here at TH
  • hakesterman
    Windows 7 offers very little that Vista doesn't, Vista got a bad name for no real obvious reason. People were so contempt with XP that at the time nobody had a real need to goto Vista. Well when Windows 7 got announced Xp lovers ears stood up beause now the Xp novilty has finally wore off. Most XP people would like Vista now, but since the price of Vista will be the same as Win 7, people might as well just buy Windows 7. If your already a Vista person, you might as well stay where your at. You can get Vista drivers on a numerous of different web sites that perform windows 7 operations. Pretty much any driver that works for Vista will work for Windows 7 and Vise versa. Enjoy!
  • Sicundercover
    Interesting how people have been openly testing Windows 7 for a year now, and here we are a few weeks from Windows 7 release and miraculously these details start to pop up. Im pretty sure not only would I have heard at least a mutter about this over the past year but that I would have noticed it myself.

    But this is only second time Ive heard this and both times were today.
  • smithereen
    eklipz330hmm...i seriously think almost everyone here at tom's knows how to keep things fresh and fast. iolo is just doing their job at trying to sell their products, which is not a bad thing, but it makes them look like fools here at THQFT
  • Honis
    I've been running on the same install of Windows XP for 5 years now. Still has the same boot time it did after I finished setting it up on day 2. What's all this about Windows rot?

    Tom's do your own damn research. You have a research department for a reason! Stop reposting things from sites that have a VESTED INTEREST in the numbers they produce. Its like asking the Congress how much something is going to cost! The people for it are going to give you stupid low #s and the people against are going to give you stupid high #s. Which both usually turn out to be stupidly wrong in a random direction!
  • winterblade
    Those guys are only trying to sell their crappy software, maybe for the average user their software actually helps, but for us, the average tom's readers, is only crapware, we know how to keep our PC's running like we want them to run. Totally agree with Honis.
  • rcmaniac25
    Did anyone (I think at least a few commentors did) think maybe they forged the results that says Windows 7 is not faster and more efficent becuase iolo creates sells services to make Windows faster and more efficent?