Ballmer: Next Generation of Windows is Coming 2012; Microsoft Confusingly Says It's Not Windows 8

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was speaking at a developer forum event in Japan and made an open mention about "Windows 8," marking perhaps the first time he's publically referred to the next OS with that name.

Microsoft's own transcript that's published on its PressPass site quoted Ballmer saying:

“We’re obviously hard at work on the next version of Windows. Windows 7 PCs will sell over 350 million units this year. We’ve done a lot in Windows 7 to improve customer satisfaction. We have a brand new user interface. We’ve added touch, and ink, and speech. And yet, as we look forward to the next generation of Windows systems, which will come out next year, there’s a whole lot more coming. As we progress through the year, you ought to expect to hear a lot about Windows 8. Windows 8 slates, tablets, PCs, a variety of different form factors.”

At first glance, it appears that Ballmer just confirmed that Windows 8 will be coming out in 2012, but a representative from the company later issued a correction to ZDNet. It read:

“It appears there was a misstatement. We are eagerly awaiting the next generation of Windows 7 hardware that will be available in the coming fiscal year.  To date, we have yet to formally announce any timing or naming for the next version of Windows.”

Essentially, a Microsoft spokesperson just nullified any interesting "Windows 8" news from what Ballmer said. Still, it's hard to believe that Ballmer would misstate what the next version of Windows will be called, seeing that he is the CEO.

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  • macewrox
    Eh, I would enjoy something clever, like Windows Vista ME.

    It's loading screen is the blue screen of death.
  • extremepcs
    I heard that they are releasing it on December 21, 2012. :)
  • drwho1
    whatever the name scheme is, I'm certain that I will be skipping on windows 8 or whatever name it comes out.

    just like I skipped the silly vista.

    now as for Windows "9" or "10" it will depend a lot to me if they go the "cloud way", then Windows 7 would be my LAST M$ operating system then.

    But if they make up their minds and produce a "normal _ on my hard drive" of my choice OS then I might upgrade when is time.

    Simply put I will never use a "cloud" based OS, I rather have my files on MY own PC.
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  • macewrox
    Eh, I would enjoy something clever, like Windows Vista ME.

    It's loading screen is the blue screen of death.
  • spammit
    I hope it's not 2012; I feel like it would be too soon. Some people have barely started using Windows 7 and others haven't even migrated yet (which may not be such a bad thing for Windows 8). I feel that releasing it this early will just cause confusion and frustration among plenty of people as most people think Windows 7 just came out (which, really, it did)
  • verbalizer
    it's all games and propaganda.
    greedy MS bastards.
    he's probably speaking on the mobile department and/or the on-going battle about ARM.
    still I refuse to pay for MS if I can..