New WoW Patch Paves Way for Cataclysm

Along with the new patch, Blizzard began one of the final stages of the pre-cataclysm event. Both Horde and Alliance players will have to help defend their capital cities from the elemental invasion.

After defending their capital cities, players will be able to counterattack the elemental invasion by entering four portals which each feature revamped versions of some classic World of Warcraft bosses.

Since a majority of the current players of World of Warcraft have never experienced the original content of the classic game, 4.0.3 and Cataclysm will allow players to experience new and updated versions of some great boss encounters that were forgotten with the introduction of the previous two expansions.

4.0.3 should be the final patch before the shattering of Azeroth that will come with the release of Cataclysm. 4.0.3a which will come when Cataclysm is released on December 7, will introduce a plethora of brand new quests, zones, and dungeons to the original world of Azeroth that players experienced prior to the two expansions.

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  • Parrdacc
    While I have not played it in years. Still amazes me that WoW is still going. Wonder when it will finally breathes its last? Any bets on that?
  • kingnoobe
    Um not for a long long time. It's a great mmo.. And even if you hate you can't deny how succesful it is.
  • dgingeri
    Someone at Blizzard has been quoted as saying that this will be the last WoW expansion. They aren't going to let this peter out and get to be a "has been" game. If this is their last expansion, I predict 2 years and they'll shut down the servers. That's about when interest in the latest content runs out.

    Being a player since open beta, I hope it goes on longer. However, they can certainly retain their player base by going with the next generation of MMO. Their next title is certain to draw new crowds.

    I just applied for a job with them. I've been so impressed with the company. they actually do fully communicate with their customers. They go to the point of pain for customer service. (If you doubt the "pain" part, go read the WoW forums. their CM's certainly do go through pain in the name of customer service.) I hope against all hope that I get that job. It would be my dream job.