Blizzard Releases Race Changer for WoW

After putting countless hours into World of Warcraft, some players may be tired of their characters. Instead of starting over again just for a change, Blizzard is now offering a paid race changing service. For just $25, you can change your race as long as you stay in your faction of Alliance or Horde.

Mind you, this is different from the Faction Change service, which costs $30. The following details com from Blizzard's Race Change FAQ:

What is the Race Change service?Our Race Change service is designed to allow existing characters the opportunity to change their designated race while staying in their existing faction (Alliance or Horde).Can I use the Race Change service to change factions?No, faction changes are handled separately through our Faction Change service. For more information, visit the Faction Change FAQ.How do I begin the Race Change process?To begin the Race Change process, please visit the Account Management page, select the Race Change option, and carefully follow the instructions provided.How much does this service cost?Each Race Change costs $25.00 USD (not including applicable taxes). This covers a single Race Change for a single character.

Change your race right here.

Tell us, WoW players, are you changing your race?

Marcus Yam
Marcus Yam served as Tom's Hardware News Director during 2008-2014. He entered tech media in the late 90s and fondly remembers the days when an overclocked Celeron 300A and Voodoo2 SLI comprised a gaming rig with the ultimate street cred.
  • Ciuy
    wow news = sad
  • n3ard3ath
    Pay for this, pay for that. Now that's what I call money well spent...Anyway, can't be angry at them. If someone is stupid enough to pay 30$ for that, he deserves to loose it. Too bad those types of people just don't die from starvation after spending all their money on such things.
  • ssalim
    Why would it incur a tax fee??
  • mavroxur
    You'd think as much money as blizzard rakes in (15 bucks a month x 12 million subscribers) they could maybe...i dunno....include some services for free with your monthly fee. Or here's an idea, maybe include 30 days of play time when you buy an expansion. Nope. Squeeze every dollar you can out of everyone you can.
  • fulle
    Gah, to counter this unnecessary WoW news, I guess I'll advertise for another game... to balance out this annoying Blizzard promotion.

    Steam has a 50% off sale on The Witcher Enhanced Edition running through the end of the day today (10/29).
    OK. I feel better now.
  • IzzyCraft
    Changed race does it matter i mean you look like an ugly shit unless you play as human which then you still look ugly but then it's not on purpose usually.

    For 25 bucks they should let me change my class screw it if my weapons and stuff wont work well with it better then grinding for 2 months to get to what is the level cap now 70? 80?
  • crisisavatar
    25 bucks for a race change, I mean really ...
  • rodney_ws
    The sad thing about that Witcher sale on Steam was that I had just ordered the non-enhanced version the day before from Amazon for $14 with the intention of downloading the enhanced updates once it arrived. I'd have rather bought it on Steam for $20 :/
  • ichbinyogi
    Its to bad this game has steadily gotten worse since Beta. I was really excited about WoW when I first was beta testing, being a big warcraft fan. WTF is WoW anymore it sure as hell isnt Warcraft
  • IronRyan21
    Blizzard is turning into skynet, surely but slowly........... Now where the F**K is Starcraft 2?