World of Warcraft Shown Streamed to iPad

What do you do when you want to go on your World of Warcraft raid but you can't be at your desktop (for example, when nature calls). Online game streaming service Gaikai may have the answer for you.

Dave Perry was walking through the Gaikai office when he spotted an iPad streaming World of Warcraft.


Perry wrote in his blog:

Was walking through the office, saw this, thought you'd like to see...

Soon I'll be able to play WOW with my Cornflakes!

We're really interested to see what works well with streaming and will be trying just about every genre of game, on every device possible as we explore server-side computing.

This is World of Warcraft streamed from a Gaikai server over regular Wifi.

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  • bin1127
    is that playing WoW or just watching?
  • banthracis
    How exactly would one control wow using an ipad?

    There is a reason WOW is a keyboard and mouse game, and one which hardcore players utilize most of the keys on a keyboard and mouse.
  • Other Comments
  • bin1127
    is that playing WoW or just watching?
  • Anonymous
    But can it play crysis?
  • t-vizz the 2nd
    That's screwed up, no one should subject themselves to truly 24/7 wow