Intel Unveils 120GB SSD: The X25-M Sweet Spot

If you wanted to grab an Intel X25-M SSD for your desktop or laptop, you're like faced with the option of going with the 80GB or 160GB model. While the prices on the G2 models do scale well with each other, the 80GB may be too small and the 160GB may be too expensive.

If that was a dilemma that you are faced with, then Intel has a new solution for you – the 120GB model that's less than 50 percent more expensive than the 80GB model.

The new 120GB X25-M has an MSRP of $249, while the 80GB is now at $199 and the 160GB is at $415. If that's still to spendy for you, then there's the $99 entry-level 40GB Intel X25-V "boot drive."

"Every Christmas, consumers are looking for the latest tech gadget; this year, with prices dropping, the solid-state drive is becoming more mainstream and can make the single greatest improvement to PC performance," said Troy Winslow, director of product marketing for the Intel NAND Solutions Group. "With an SSD, tech shoppers can give the gift of a technology makeover that will help speed up, or breathe new life, into a current PC by just swapping out the hard drive for an SSD."

Of course, these are still running the 34nm Postville flash, so those looking for speedier solutions should wait for the 25nm Postville Refresh.

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  • jomofro39
    Is it just me, or is it taking a little too long for these to drop to reasonable prices ($.50/GB-$.75/GB)?
  • tsnorquist
    Lower that $249.00 120GB to $149.00 and we can make a deal Intel. I'll even buy two.
  • techcurious
    So Intel is offering an inferior product at a higher price? The Sandforce 1200 drives are going for about $225 for 120GB (or less than $200 after rebate), and significantly outpace the Intel drive in read, write and input/output performance! The only reason anyone would make an "educated" purchase of these 120GB Intel drives would be because of Sandforce's unproven reliability? As an OS drive, I would say that a backup image should be ready to go at all times anyway, and I would give my money to Sandforce and really get the most out of current generation SSD technology (at this price point). For the 120GB intel drive to be worth the purchase it would have to be priced at $200 without rebates.
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  • obiown77
    hmmmm, I see stripe upgrade coming to me pc soon!
  • jomofro39
    Is it just me, or is it taking a little too long for these to drop to reasonable prices ($.50/GB-$.75/GB)?
  • N.Broekhuijsen
    dam you guys!!! I just got myself a nice 40GB SSD, (for a painful $130) and you are already making me regret this. Why is it that since the moment that I got this SSD, SSD's have been all over the news??