Biostar Announces Flagship X670E Valkyrie Motherboard at Computex

Biostar X670E Valkyrie
(Image credit: TechPowerUp)

According to a report by TechPowerUp, Biostar has announced a brand new motherboard at Computex, the X670E Valkyrie. This new model is one of Biostar's first motherboards equipped with the new AM5 socket from AMD and features AMD's flagship X670E chipset for the next generation of Ryzen 7000 processors and associated motherboards, which enables PCIe 5.0 support for graphics and storage solutions.

If history repeats itself, this new motherboard will be Biostar's flagship for the AMD 600 series platform; The Valkyrie name has represented Biostar's flagship motherboards for many years, including Intel versions such as the Z690 Valkyrie.

Aesthetically, the X670E Valkyrie has taken a large departure from its predecessors and forgone the inclusion of a double-winged logo, which was a staple in previous designs. Instead, Biostar has opted for a more simplistic design featuring no logos whatsoever and has taken to an angular line aesthetic approach featuring black, grey, silver, purple and yellow accents.

We don't have full details about the board's power delivery design but expect it to have a seriously overbuilt VRM system, which was also the case with the Z690 Valkyrie. What we do know are some key specifications, including DDR5 memory support with DIMMs featuring speeds up to 5600 MT/s.

For PCie connectivity, the Valkyrie features dual PCIe 5.0 x16 slots and a single PCIe 4.0 x16 slot. M.2 storage includes a whopping four M.2 slots for SSDs and a fifth M.2 slot for a single Wi-Fi- module. Biostar doesn't say what PCIe generation each slot supports, but we do know that AMD's X670E chipset requirements necessitate one of these M.2 storage slots being Gen 5 supported, at the very least, while the rest are probably running on Gen 4 connectivity.

For I/O, there is a single DisplayPort and single HDMI connector for video outputs -- this will be necessary since all Ryzen 7000 chips will come with RDNA2 integrated graphics. For storage, the board supports an additional six SATA3 ports for 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch hard drives and SSDs.

USB ports consist of two USB 3.2 Gen 2X2 20Gbps ports. We're still waiting to h ear on the rest. Audio consists of a Realtek codec of some sort, and ethernet is running on a 2.5G NIC of unknown origin.

We should know more soon enough, once Biostar releases an official product page to the public.

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