Retailer Posts UK Ship Dates for Xbox One and PS4

Microsoft and Sony both announced their next generation consoles months ago, but neither company plans to launch their new platform before the fourth quarter. Neither Sony nor Microsoft has been particularly forth coming in terms of a release date, but we do know that the consoles will be available in time for the all important holiday shopping period.


Does that mean October? November? Early December? Thanks to Toys R Us in the United Kingdom, we have a better idea of when these consoles will hit stores. TechRadar reports that the retailer's website currently lists a November 29 ship date for the Xbox One and a December 13 delivery date for the PlayStation 4.


Since Microsoft and Sony are keeping quiet about a release date, and Toys R Us has warned that these dates are subject to change, there's a good change that the aforementioned dates are an educated guess on the retailer's part. That said, they're awfully specific dates. We'll keep you posted on any developments on this.

  • boju
    dirty minds might see the ps4 controller the way i do lol

    Not a good look having it standing upright.., nice controller though =D

  • The Grave Digger
    can't wait to see how Good those next gen Games behave when it Ported to our beloved Rig
  • lancelot123
    That said, they're awfully specific dates.
    That means absolutely nothing. Shouldn't even be there.
  • spat55
    @The Grave Digger

    At least it will make my upgrade from a HD 7850 to the next gen HD 9970 or GTX 880 more explainable lol.
  • 10hellfire01
    I think anyone's first guess would be around this time frame. Obviously Christmas is coming by that time, and that is their biggest sales day of the year (I assume).

    I wouldn't be surprised though if they change their release date shipping (Toys'R'Us) + or - a few weeks to match the official release date announcement.
  • gggplaya
    Launching way to close to christmas. No doubt both will be sold out by christmas eve, the console wars are really limited to who can manufacture and distribute them in more volume.