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Microsoft’s Xbox Series X Mini Fridge Preorders Start on October 19th

The Xbox fridge in all its black and green glory
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Unless you’ve been incredibly fortunate over the past year, getting your hands on an Xbox Series X console at MSRP has been incredibly difficult. However, Microsoft is offering up the next best thing with an Xbox Series X mini fridge, which will be available for preorder starting on October 19th, priced at $99.99 (£89.99). 

We thought that the Xbox Series X mini fridge might have been an April Fool’s prank when it was first revealed back in early April, but Microsoft confirmed in mid-June that the product would indeed come to market. The appliance was designed in conjunction with Ukonic!, and Microsoft cheekily adds that it embodies the concept of “Xbox and Chill” for hardcore gamers. 

The Xbox Series X mini fridge has enough room inside for up to 12 cans of your favorite beverage so you can stay refreshed during your all nighter gaming sessions. There are also two pockets on the inside of the door, which seem a little small to be practical. Perhaps you could toss a couple of candy bars in there if you’re in a warmer climate without air conditioning.

Microsoft says that the mini fridge comes with a DC power adapter, making it easier for you to carry around with you. There’s even a USB port included on the front that allows you to charge your cell phone or a set of wireless headphones (among other accessories).   

According to Microsoft, the Xbox Series X mini fridge will be available to purchase exclusively from Target in the United States and Canada. In the UK, it will be available from GAME, priced at £89.99. In addition, Xbox fans in France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Spain, The Netherlands and Poland will have an opportunity to purchase the mini fridge for €99.00 from GameStop EU.

While preorders are set to commence next week, Microsoft says that the Xbox Series X mini fridge won’t ship until December 2021. So with Microsoft making good on its promise with the Xbox Series X mini fridge, now it’s time for KFC to get moving with its “finger-licking good” KFConsole.

Update 10/15/21 4:15pm PT: Microsoft informed us that the Xbox Series X mini fridge will not be available from Target in Canada as originally stated. Instead, it will ship directly from Microsoft's Xbox Gear store in December.

Brandon Hill

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  • gggplaya
    That price is actually not bad for a mini fridge. If it's a compressor fridge I might buy one to put under my desk at the office.
  • hotaru251
    12 can capacity mini fridge seems.....youre payign quite a bit for the visual.
  • gggplaya
    hotaru251 said:
    12 can capacity mini fridge seems.....youre payign quite a bit for the visual.

    I want it to be small so it doesnt take up too much desk space.