Microsoft Confirms 'Cool' Mini Fridge With 'Velocity Cooling Architecture'

The Xbox fridge in all its black and green glory
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Some thought that it was an April Fool's joke that went too far but the relationship between the hot console and the chilled beer repository is a complex one, and the comparisons just won’t go away. So imagine our excitement when we saw the Xbox Twitter account confirm that Microsoft is working on a fully functional mini fridge which resembles the hard to get hold of console. Will this beat the KFC console to market?

Sadly, the product that’s actually emerged at the end of all this refrigerated reciprocation is not an eight-foot monolith with a door-mounted ice dispenser, but a mini fridge with what looks like storage for 10 330ml soda cans. Microsoft also touts a 'Velocity Cooling Architecture', which could be an elaborate cooling system, or just a fan blowing cold air.

Meme-to-reality transfer seems destined to disappoint, especially as Microsoft already made full-sized fridges and shipped them to ‘influencers’ as a marketing stunt (and gave one away).

We don’t have an exact price or release date (beyond ‘holiday’) for the most exciting piece of Xbox-related furniture since the original Steel Battalion shipped with a 40-button, 17.8lb controller and three foot pedals in a box that could double as a coffee table, but we can’t wait to fire up the benchmarking suite to see if that claim about its power is true.

Ian Evenden
Freelance News Writer

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  • Colif
    Razer was last seen looking at that green and thinking... that looks familiar

    amazed its not a Razer fridge, what's next, micro waves? I guess they had the toaster, that must have shied them away from cooking?
  • husker
    Well why not? After all look at Samsung.
  • Colif
    Samsung make military vehicles, ships and built the Burj Khalifa so they are slightly bigger then Microsoft. They account for a large percentage of SK economy.
    their electronics divisions are just a small part of the entity called Samsung.