Microsoft to Produce Xbox Series X Mini Fridges

Xbox Series X Fridge
(Image credit: Xbox)

Remember the full-sized Xbox Series X fridge Microsoft sent out to a few celebrities as a marketing stunt back in October? Well, now it seems like you’ll soon be able to buy a miniature version of that same fridge, assuming that we haven’t been taken in by an especially cruel April Fools' joke. 

Yesterday, on April 1st, the Twitter Marketing account held a poll asking viewers to vote for which branded accounts makes the best tweets. This was the finals for its "Best of Tweets" competition, meaning it was the culmination of a whole month of polls. The vote was between Skittles and Xbox, and Xbox Games Marketing GM tweeted out that if Xbox won, the company would produce a line of “real Xbox Series X mini fridges.”

I know what you’re thinking. That’s gotta be a joke, right? April Fools'? Well, at least according to Greenberg’s post, it was not.

And now that it’s April 2nd and we’re all seeing a bit more clearly, Greenberg is promising to go through with mini-fridge production. Xbox won the Twitter poll by a narrow 0.6% margin, leading the GM to state that “we will move forward on our promise to make those Xbox Series X mini fridges.” He also said that the first unit produced would be filled with games and sent to Skittles as a show of good sportsmanship.

Obviously, there’s a lot of brand stuntwork at play here, but it’s still cool to think that you might soon be able to buy a version of an item that was only meant for influencers before. We don’t know any other details about the mini-fridges yet, but maybe in a decade, Microsoft and KFC will have switched places when it comes to food and games.

Michelle Ehrhardt

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