XSPC Releases Nine Watercooling Kits With Raystorm Pro Blocks, D5 Pumps

XSPC recently released the Raystorm Pro CPU waterblock. Today, the company revealed nine preconfigured watercooling kits featuring the new block.

The RayStorm Pro is XSPC’s latest high-performance CPU waterblock line. XSPC said these are the highest performing waterblocks the company has ever released, thanks to their all-copper design. Both the base and top are made of machined copper, which helps transfer heat from the CPU to the fluid. The block design also features an acrylic layer that can be lit up with LED lights.

The RayStorm Pro waterblocks were previously available only as standalone products. Now, you can choose from nine different complete kits that include the new block, although XSPC is currently offering only the Intel variant of the RayStorm Pro block in these kits.

The nine options include two different radiator choices in three different sizes. XSPC offers three kits with AX series radiators, XSPC’s thin radiator option (40mm), which comes in dual, triple and quadruple 120mm radiator options. The kits with AX series radiators are available only with the D5 Photon pump top reservoir.

XSPC is also offering six kits with thicker (56mm) RX series radiators. Just like the AX series, the RX kits are available with dual, triple and quadruple 120mm radiators. The RX series offers an additional reservoir option. You can still get the D5 Photon pump top reservoir, or you can choose the D5 Bayres instead.

XPSC’s RayStorm Pro watercooling kits include all of the components necessary to set up a basic loop. You get the CPU waterblock, radiator with fans, pump/reservoir combo, two meters of clear tubing and six chrome compression fittings.

XSPC has not revealed the prices for the new kits yet, but the outgoing options range from $200 to $450. It would be safe to assume the new kits will be priced in a similar range.

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  • kyle382
    I had a terrible experience with XSPC. Don't buy any of their pumps or other things with moving parts. They will break and the customer service is literally zero. After a month of trying to contact them directly I eventually got a guys email through the overclock.net forums. By the time he got back to me I had given up and moved to swiftech. Swiftech answered my calls when their pump died after 2 years. They also replaced it for free. XSPC blocks and rads are fine though.