Yahoo Mail Can Now Track Your Packages, Events

Yahoo opted to add a few new features to its Yahoo Mail service today, allowing the service to track packages and remember events for its users. The service can even coordinate events between other services such as Eventbrite, Fandango, Ticketmaster and others.

Although these new features are helpful, it is interesting to see Yahoo adding them at this time. Google's Gmail and Microsoft's Outlook email services have implemented similar features for several years now. Both have the ability to keep track of package deliveries and remind you of upcoming events.

The timing of these new services on Yahoo Mail suggests that they may be an attempt to chase Microsoft's Windows 10 OS. The operating system has been out less than a month now, and it utilizes Microsoft's Outlook in conjunction with several other services, including the calendar application and Cortana. This has made taking advantage of Outlook and its services easier than ever, and it further lures users away from other email services like Yahoo.

These new features help bring Yahoo Mail a bit closer to what the others have had for years now, and ultimately make it a more competitive service to stand against Microsoft and Google.

With the new system, when you have a package delivery coming up soon or an event approaching, you will see a notification at the top of the list of emails. You will then be able to click for more information.

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