YouTube Gaming's Latest Update Adds Live Stream Player To Android

YouTube Gaming continues to improve with the addition of new features. The company initially launched its standalone gaming division last June.

Android Love

Users on Android smartphones are now on par with iOS and web browser viewers, thanks to an upgrade of the live stream player that allows 60 frames per second playback, quality switching and DVR mode. There’s even support for a pop-up player.

However, it seems ironic that these features were just implemented on Android, as YouTube’s parent organization is Google. It’s uncertain as to why the updates didn’t come sooner for Google’s mobile OS, but it’s better late than never.

Easier To Navigate And Find

Other changes include a revamped homepage, which should make it easier for you to find your favorite content. There’s an additional page on the site that allows you to manage your current games and channels subscription as well as discover new content. Another tab called “Live” was added that features your stream subscriptions. However, it will also include the most popular streamers and games on the site.

Always Looking For Improvements

As it nears its one-year anniversary, the team at YouTube Gaming will continue to work on more features. Four months after its debut, the developers finally implemented live stream support on smartphones, so you can stream your favorite mobile games and record your reactions.

The biggest focus for the site is its live stream content. Many online personalities post their recorded streams on YouTube, but most of them primarily use Twitch for live stream sessions. YouTube Gaming wants to take a slice of the live stream pie, and by adding support on mobile devices, and recently Android smartphones, it's one step closer to achieving its goal.

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