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Zalman Outs White Version Of The ZM-K900M Keyboard

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Zalman outed a new version of its ZM-K900M keyboard. It’s identical to the previous ZM-K900M (save for the switches) but now comes in white. We first saw different color options for the ZM-K900M at Computex last summer; there was the familiar black one, but also white, blue, and yellow.

At the time, it seems Zalman was just testing the waters on the colors, but it’s apparently decided that the white model will appeal to users. This makes sense: people love to match their peripherals with their systems, and though the pale blue and (almost) canary yellow look cool, those are not exactly common colors you’ll find on cases, lighting, and coolant.

And so, white it is.

One difference is that the black version of the ZM-K900M offers only Kailh Blue switches, whereas the white version comes with Kailh Brown. You can buy the black version on Newegg for $80. The white version is now listed on Newegg as well; currently it costs $100, but there will be a launch promotion starting March 24 when it will drop to $80. That will be a Newegg exclusive.

If you’re keen on a white model, then, you might want to set a reminder to hit up Newegg on March 24.